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Kleeya: Against My Will
I shrieked as the purple, cloth-like tendrils leapt out of the seemingly normal dungeon wall in front of me. Faster than my eyes could follow, they lashed around my wrists, then my legs, and finally caught me around the waist. No matter how hard I struggled, I could not shake them off. Once they had completely immobilized me, I could feel them beginning to pull me towards to strange stone bricks of the dungeon wall.
“Oskar, help! Oskar!” I screamed to the dwarf I knew was below me, who was waiting for a report on what I'd found on the oddly-designed stone ledge I was currently standing on. But there was no way for him to reach me up this high.
Even so, before I could even hear if my comrade responded to me, the clothy restraints yanked me into what I had sworn a few seconds ago was an ordinary wall.
I screamed. Loudly. The odd shapes that had been dancing around the room earlier had scared me enough. Now apparently they had taken interest in me, and I didn't want the
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Character Profile: Kleeya the Windling Weaponsmith
Name: Kleeya (windlings don’t generally have last names from what I can tell in the lore)
Discipline: Weaponsmith
Height: 20 inches
Weight: 15 lbs
Age: 46 (windlings reach maturity around age 30, so in human years this is about 22 or 23, I think? not that it matters, because apparently windlings don’t appear to age much after they hit 30?? at least that’s what the Namegiver’s Compendium says >.> This is also her age at the start of the campaign I’m currently participating in, so she’ll probably be a bit younger in stories I write.)
Physical Appearance: Tall (for a windling) and lean. Muscular, but not so much as to be unattractive. Scarlet red hair, magenta-colored eyes. Relatively pale skin tone (from being in the forge so much). Wings are a yellow like the tips of flames.
Short and totally incomplete backstory I whipped up in like half an hour for our game manager the night of the first session, because I am responsible and never procrastina
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A Lie on the Wall: Introduction
By the time Jessica got home that night, it was already quite dark.
Why am I always the one who has to stay late to finish up our excess orders? she moaned to herself.
The walk home had been chilly, as fall was beginning to transition to winter earlier than usual. Jessica just wished that she could go home at a normal hour like everyone else at the bakery, so that the commute would be at least a little more bearable.
As she fumbled her keys with her cold, tired hands, she let out a heavy sigh, so ready to flop down and call it a night. Finally she found the correct key and managed to insert it into the lock on her front door, despite the shivering the cold had brought about.
The lock clicked open, and Jessica hastily stepped inside her modest yet comfortable flat, closing the door on the discomfort outside. She was so exhausted that she didn’t even hear the soft skitter of claws on wood from the shadows above the door frame. Eight eyes watched approvingly as she began to s
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United States
Just a guy, chillaxin'.

Love me some fantasy and sci-fi, especially g/t related things. The stuff that I plan to put up on here will be writing pieces to that effect, most likely.

my stupid tumblr where I reblog mostly pokemon stuff and sometimes other stuff:


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